Tjaarke Maas          
TM Arts
Tjaarke Maas Arts  (TM Arts) is active both nationally and internationally. The organization's main objective is to  promote the knowledge of the artistic patrimony of Tjaarke Maas – an artist, poet and spiritual researcher.
The other objective of TM Arts is to support and encourage  artists  in their work of all kinds: painters, writers, musicians, film-makers, actors, designers, philosophers, practitioners of the Sacred Arts and traditions, and to diffuse and develop the arts, literature, philosophy, music and cultural exchange.
The prime purpose of this site is to  create  "an artist studio", a meeting point  where the voice of Tjaarke can  be heard through her paintings and writings so that her talent and unconditional love is can continue to be shared.
Bearded I
"May be I am mad
and may be I have disclosed too much
all the pearls thrown all over the place
It is better to be a mad sinner
Than a sober saint?
No, I’d rather be a sober saint,
but with a beard."
Tjaarke Maas
                                                                                                                                Tjaarke Maas "Bearded I"
Museum of M. Bulgakov , Moscow, Russia  2009    opening/photos/ фото/ открытие
Museum of Anna Achmatova St Petersburg, Russia  2009
Accademia delle Arti del Disegno. Firenze, Italy  2005