Alexandra Selivanova Artist, Curator, at the Museum  of M. Bulgakov
Mikhail Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita is was written already more than half a century ago, yet this immortal novel do not give rest to has continued to inspire the artists.  Its evocative
Prof. Adriano Bimbi, artist, Florence, Italy 2005
Finally, after many vicissitudes, the exhibition of the work of Tjaarke Maas at the Galleria delle Arti del Disegno has opened. As happened last year with Roberto Dragoni. Who would have thought it!
Giuliana Videtta, art historian, Florence, Italy 2005
Of Being is a Bird
The likest to the Down
Emily Dickinson, (Complete Poems, 653, c. 1862)
Perhaps I have not learned to love pigeons, but I have learned to look at them with different eyes.
Nelly Rakovsky, art historian, New York, USA 2004
Tjaarke Maas was a women of remarkable beauty: tall, slim, a body that seemed a home for the soul, big blue eyes, lily-white skin, a mystical expression. Her “reaching upwards”,
Lev Meshberg, artist, Carrara, Italia, 2004
I have just arrived from Paris after saying farewell to Misha Raginsky, an outstanding painter. While checking the answering machine, I heard the crying voice of Yurochka «Lusik, Lusik
(…)  from the bituminous colors in the canvases of Tjaarke Maas emerge graffiti in forms of archeological findings......”
Marta Casati, Il Corriere di Firenze  (article “Profezie di Bellezza”.)