(...) I would like to approach the world of colours offered generously in the icon as one would approach a “diapason”, as a reference to a Quality which, I believe, is pictorially definite. /.../ For a painter the icon can, I believe, offer a ‘measure’ of harmony, in which the veiled and luminous transparent colours unite in a symbolic composition, where the proportions, unusual for the rational eye, offer a union of the static and the dynamic. In the research of this iconographic path, the techniques are essentially linked to a religious truth, expressed artistically in a symbolic language. Iconography thus becomes a “theology” in images.»
(from Tjaarke Maas's graduation thesis at the Academia, on Russian-Bisantine iconography)
St.Archangel Michael sm 32x24
Theotokos "Eleusa" (Merciful) sm 32x24
St.Archangel Raphael sm 32x24
Sts. Joachim and Anna sm 32x24
Theotokos 25,5x19,5
Sts. Joachim and Anna with Theotokos sm 32x24
Sts. Joachim and Anna with Theotokos (detail)
St. Pantheleimon sm 32x24